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Airframe Parts

Our airframe inventory consists of newly manufactured Stearman airframe parts on our PMA (Part Manufacturing Authority).
We also have many new surplus and some reconditioned parts.

Following is a short list of our most frequently requested items.

Newly manufactured Stearman fuel tanks, fuel gauges, and fuel lines.
FAA approved.

Fuel tank
Click on the graphic to view a larger picture.

Rudders, vertical fins, struts, and windshields.
FAA approved.

Fairing assemblies, both L. H. and R. H., the bottom fairing, and the top fairing.
FAA approved and ready to be installed.

Replacement arches and fairing material that can be used to overhaul fairings in need of repair.

Wing kits that are complete with all the spars, ribs, and parts necessary to build a Stearman wing.
Our spars are made of Sitka Spruce.
All are FAA approved.

Complete center section kits ready to be assembled
FAA approved.

Small repair parts, ribs, ect., for making repairs to damaged ribs.

Newly manufactured seat cushions for Stearman wood or aluminum seats.
Since the backs are different, please state which type your craft has when making inquiries.

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Newly manufactured seatbelts and shoulder harnesses.

Complete brake assemblies ~ Overhauled.

BT-13 brake assemblies ~ Overhauled.

New Stearman brake drums for BT-13 ready to be installed ~ Overhauled.

Brake shoes and linings needed to overhaul your units ~ Overhauled.

Stearman and BT-13 wheels.
Solid tail wheels that can be used on the Stearman and many other types of aircraft by changing bearings and adapters.
(Stearman) Tail Wheel Not Avialable At This Time.

Solid Tailwheel
Click on the graphic to view a larger picture.

"AN" hardware that is used primarily in Stearman aircraft.

Fittings, rivets, Dzus, and Dzus installation tools.

Large inventory of aircraft bearings for the Stearman aircraft.

For a complete listing of our airframe parts inventory, contact us and we will be happy to send you a catalog and price list.
Shipping Charges Apply.

Visa, MasterCard & Discover credit cards accepted

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